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Engraved items.

Let Your Customers Know Who They Are Dealing With.


Nothing says cheap, as much as name badges with stick on labels.  Your staff are the face of your company and are your customers first impression.  Make them look as professional as your business with a personalised laser engraved name badge.  We can custom design and engrave inexpensive, personalised name tags for your business.  All name badges come with the choice of a magnetic or pin type back.

Laser Engraved And Etched Labels And Plaques.

Laser engraved labels can turn any average project into a professional product at minimal cost.  We can supply labels for anything from letterboxes to switchboards, in a range of materials to suit aplications ranging from domestic to industrial.  Our products are ideal for electricians, manufacturers, safety officers, and many others.


Our stainless steel and brass plaques and labels are an excellent alternative to plastic when weather resistance and durability is a important.  Brass and stainless steel plaques are also a very classy addition to trophies and awards.


Customised labels of any shape and size up to 300x400, can be produced from your drawings or sketckes.  Once the initial design of your label has been produced, multiple copies in the same order are very inexpensive.

Laser Cut And Engraved Objects.


Our services are not restricted to labels and plaques.  Almost any surface can be engraved or etched, and many materials can be cut.  Look at some of our photos and let your immagination go wild.


Just because a particular surface can be engraved or etched, does not mean that the finished result will be perfect.  If we believe that a completed job will not meet our own standard of quality, we will sugest an alternative solution.  We are happy to do a test on any surface that we have not tried before, but can not accept responsibility for any imperfections or failures as a result.


By using our laser cutting and engraving machine we can produce control panels for most aplications including automotive, marine and electrical, and hobby projects.  All holes are cut to the precise size and shape.  This allows simple installation, and eliminates the need for acurate measuring and cutting in the field.

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